There are many traits that make a successful board member in a variety of ways, from financial wealth and social connections to a deep understanding of a specific area. But there are certain intangibles that help make a good director great for the job, like the ability to think outside of the box and remain objective when discussing highly emotional issues.

Board members must also possess the appropriate communication skills since they will be communicating sensitive information both during and out of meetings. Board members must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. A successful board member must have a strong work ethics and a desire for the organization to succeed.

The ideal mix of board member is essential to the overall success of a non-profit. A creative director can help provide a fresh perspective on issues that may be stuck or not being dealt with properly. Likewise, the addition of an expert in finance can ensure that financial issues are being considered from all angles.

The nominating committee should take the time to ensure that the new board members are well-suited to the job, and have the required experience and independence. A effective nominating committee will be looking for candidates with a variety of skills, including a knowledge of the nonprofit’s operations and strategies as well as the various stakeholders. It is also essential for the board to stay clear of having multiple memberships, which could make it less effective.

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