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Both fish hunter 360 total security and the avast are renowned IT security software products that offer a multitude of tools designed for desktop proper security. Both platforms are praised for their user-friendly REGARDED and a vast variety of features that shield against viruses and spyware. Both platforms offer distinct features for password and email security and system weight reduction. Both are available on-premises or via cloud.

Avast is much more international and adaptable than 360 total security, and works on a wider range of systems and devices. It is more focused on protection against viruses and employs more violent methods to aid users. The premium versions include multi-device support, DNS casemate protection, protect sandbox against performing suspicious file downloads and a computerized updater.

Both programs come with a variety of features for Windows computers. Avast is a smart firewall that checks for threats and keeps its spyware and adware database updated. It also comes with a simple key dashboard that outlines the various security features and protections. Additionally, the application includes a support button located in the upper right-hand corner that allows you to file a ticket devoid of leaving the main dashboard.

Both programs offer fantastic scanning tools. However, Norton is more efficient than Avast in some areas. It scans faster, and is less likely than Avast in producing false positives. It is also easier to use and less susceptible for errors. This is likely due to its more mature code base.

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