Using the website design best practices covered in this article, you can improve your website’s design, convert more visitors, and increase profits. Where to add CTAs, what color scheme and contrast to use, what typography to use, and how to design it are some of the key aspects of CTA designing. Friction reduction refers to reducing distractions and removing both visual and design elements that distract visitors from conversion. The human brain has limited power to process information and friction increases their cognitive load. Avoid at all costs using all caps with script fonts. This is a mistake that I see way too often, and it’s just going to show your brand as an amateur and with a lack of care about the details.

  • In fact, if you don’t look abroad, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.
  • Use dashes instead of semi-colons or, better yet, break the sentence into two.
  • Making minor tweaks to your site at all times shows Google it is frequently being updated, giving you a ranking boost.
  • These can range from a simple memory test to more complex questions that truly probe people’s understanding of the material.
  • It made us realise that we needed to simplify our language a bit.
  • Modern browsers allow attractive checkboxes, radio buttons, custom select components and comboboxes, accessible autocomplete controls, and more.
  • Densely packed text is tiring to the eyes, so make sure there is enough space between lines as well as between headings and paragraphs.

The spaces that you don’t use are just as important as those that you do. What do you expect when you walk into a fast food website readability chain, like McDonald’s? You wait in line, order at the register, then they call your number when your food is ready.

Clever divisions that deliver a huge role in readability are achieved with separators. Here, we are going to pinpoint website readability best practices. The safety of an individual’s identity, data and online accounts relies heavily on the strength of their passwords, even when so-called passwordless options such as biometrics are used. This is a pervasive threat, as data shows that 81% of hacking-related data breaches are due to stolen or weak passwords. Finally, ensure that your team is aware of the importance of security and has the necessary knowledge and skills to build and maintain a secure application.

Best practices for structuring Django projects

Apply these simple practices to keep your readers happy and create a positive user experience. Even though italics are commonly used to highlight text, you should avoid using italicized text. Italics can be difficult to read, especially for dyslexic users. It is also important to choose a font that is easy to read. Simple fonts, regardless of serif, are the easiest patterns to recognize. Decorative or cursive fonts are a no-no; slanted fonts should also be avoided if possible.

website readability best practices

This is why people prefer infographics and videos to long articles. Visuals allow your audience to extract information more quickly and with a lot less effort. For example, we use visual “break-outs” in our articles for readers to “rest their eyes” while scanning, as well as to communicate important points in a more visual and memorable way. Images, relevant examples, and statistics can be used effectively to break up your text—just make sure they don’t look like ads. Still, users sometimes do read web content, particularly when it includes information of interest to them.

This includes validation of the file type and file size, as well as checking for any malicious content in the file. This can help to prevent attackers from uploading malicious files to your application, such as scripts or malware. The new subsite aims to cast the visiting youth as a “superhero” capable of making a world of difference. Giving blood is one of those things that most people agree is important but many of us don’t do. A recent poll showed that while six in ten eligible donors in Canada believed donating blood or plasma was important, only one in ten had plans to donate. Canadian Blood Services works to reduce this reluctance to donate blood and seeks to address the growing shortfalls in national supply of plasma and stem cells.

Choose a color scheme that fits your branding strategy

Even if a CTA isn’t designed to generate a sale immediately, directing a user to another page means they’ll spend more time on your site. The more engaged they are, the more likely it is that they’ll become a customer in the future. Yourcalls to action, or CTAs, are what direct visitors to the next step towards becoming customers. Social buttons are easy to incorporate into your design.

website readability best practices

You can get creative with your CTAs, especially from a design standpoint. You can make creative buttons that stand out and entice people to click on them. This is a small piece of the puzzle, but can have a huge impact on how effective your site is at turning traffic into sales.

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Web usability expert Steve Krug says that a cardinal rule should be “Don’t make me think! Those with cognitive disabilities might suffer from a wide range of issues including mental disabilities as well as neurological issues such as Alzehimer’s and dementia. As such, these folks might have a difficult time remembering things or focusing on a task for a prolonged period of time.

website readability best practices

Space is an important visual design tool that helps us identify groups of related content and delineate unrelated content. Non-visual users benefit from “space” that is created using semantic markup . Since time immemorial, margins have been a good feature of excellent contents. Web content owners are often considered keen about separators. They, however, lay little emphasis on good margins. One of the website readability best practices you will come about is the application of consistent margins.

Avoid Italics, Cursive and Decorative Fonts

Visual headings allow for users to get a sense of the structure and organization of the page. Headings are typically larger than the surrounding text, and that visual hierarchy helps to guide the eye. Users with cognitive impairments or low vision particularly benefit from headings. It is widely known that texts should not intrude into layout subjects. The good use of excellent lines that are higher actually ensures this. They assist different content from the other designs and layout.

website readability best practices

Django provides a security middleware that allows you to configure various security-related settings such as HttpOnly, Secure, and X-Frame-Options headers for all your views. This can help to prevent cross-site scripting, clickjacking and other types of attacks. With the heart of a writer and the mind of a strategist, Leanna has been producing content for over 10 years. With expertise in nonprofit sectors, she’s passionate about harnessing the connective power of content for community, creative solutions, and the common good.

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These immediately draws users’ eyes and make them more likely to keep scrolling through your pages. With responsive design, you can be sure that you’re providing a great experience for all of your visitors. This can lead them to spend more time on your site, increasing the number of pages they visit, as well as the chances of them converting. Make sure that your categories are logically organized in a way that makes it easy for users to determine which one has the information they need. Think like your audience, and consider how what you’d look for if you wanted information on a specific product or service. Your navigation should have simple headings divided up by product type, services, locations, or another logical category type that makes sense for your business.

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The SickKids website embodies all the best practices you would expect from the web platform of a world-leading medical institution. While the site itself is very large, it is organized in a way that is approachable and non-threatening. With loved ones of sick children in mind, site visitors are invited to search what they’re looking for in a friendly search module labeled “How can we help you today?

It is ok to start a sentence with “and,” “but,” or “or” if it makes things clear and brief. You’d think that the 3 criteria discussed in this article would be enough to ensure great web content. If you say less, people are more likely to make the effort to understand what you do say. Minimize cognitive load by building on existing mental models and reducing the need for users to remember things from one part of text to another. No automated tool can be completely reliable, as the article Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score demonstrates.

Make sure that captions are displayed long enough for people to read and process the information. As you can see from this graphic, there are better places on the screen to interact with one hand. If you have buttons in those red zones, it’s going to frustrate people on your mobile website. It can also happen when we don’t make intentional efforts to ensure our website is usable and accessible to large swaths of people. Using white space allows you to reduce noise by visually separate information.

Did you know that the average reading age in the UK is just 12-13? It made us realise that we needed to simplify our language a bit. Check that everything we were writing was easily digested and clear-cut. Content that’s an interesting, engaging read will keep the visitor on site. If you’re looking for a fully customized, cutting-edge site, we also offer traditional web design services. We’ll create a personalized website tailored to your needs, designed to educate and convert qualified leads.

Splashes of colour amidst black and white text always please the eye, so throw some relevant images in whenever you can. They’re a great opportunity to highlight key points too using captions. Splashes of colour amidst black and white text always please the eye, so throw some relevant ones in whenever you can.

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